Monday, December 8, 2014

December 2014 Update

February 2014 Newsletter Update
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Jared's December 2014 Newsletter

Hello again from Vajta, Hungary!

It has been way to long since I last sent an update out to everyone!  This year has been going by so fast, I can hardly believe it is December already.  Every year what my parents told me in the past becomes even more true, "the older you get the faster time goes by".  I just wanted to send you all a quick update on my travel plans for the winter break and a few details from the year and then I will send a longer update along in the coming weeks recapping what all happened this year.
Since my last update there has been 2 semesters and the summer conference period.  The Spring semester flew by and involved a lot of planning and the installation of a new internet connection for us here in Vajta.  During the summer I was doing a lot of research towards some planned infrastructure upgrades we did this semester.  This fall I had a chance to be a bit more involved with the students, I led a small men's discipleship group and oversaw the servant hood area that all of the students participate in.  I also had a chance to go to Poland for a weekend where we visited the Auschwitz concentration camp and spent some time in Krakow as well.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning I head back to the states for a roughly 5 week period.  For a month I will be in Oregon and stay with my parents.  Then on the 8th of January I will fly to Arkansas for a short visit with some friends of mine, the Fosters.  I will then depart from there on the 14th to return to Hungary.  I hope I will get a chance to connect with some of you who live in the area while I am back!
In closing I just want to thank all of those who have been praying for me and supporting me, I will include some of my prayer requests below.

Jared Scheller

Prayer Requests:
  • Safe travels back to the states and while on break
  • Diligence to get some of my back-log of work done while off over the break.
  • Wisdom for the upcoming semester in organizing some of the new things I will be doing in the coming year.

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